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2020 Centennial


(7.6% Alpha Acid and 5.4% Beta Acid) – Sometimes referred to as Super Cascade, Centennial hops are multi-taskers in the brewery.

2020 Cascade


(7.4% Alpha Acid and 5.1 % Beta Acid) A classic aroma hop that brought new life to the definition of what hop character.



$9.00 /lb

NUGGET (10.4% Alpha Acid and 5.3% Beta Acid) – A classic American hop since the 1980s, this hop is characterized by have a high Alpha Acid content, providing your beer with piney and herbal aromas, coming from the dominant Myrcene oil component.



$11.00 /lb

(3.5% Alpha Acid and 3.2% Beta Acid) – This versatile hop works with many different styles of beer.  Our Willamette hops have a spicy and herbal character, with some hints of citrus.



$9.00 /lb

(9.4% Alpha Acid and 6.9% Beta Acid) – Sometimes referred to as Super Cascade, Centennial hops are multi-taskers in the brewery.


2019 Cascade

$9.00 /lb

(6.9% Alpha Acid and 4.9 Beta Acid) A classic aroma hop that brought new life to the definition of what hop character.

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We are fourth generation farmers in Chilliwack, BC. We have been farming since 1892


We process our hops ready for sale in pelletized from


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Meet Crosman Hop Co.

At Crosman Hop Co. we harvest, process, dry, package, and store our hops to ensure we are maintaining the highest possible quality for our product. We take as much pride in growing and handling our hops as you do when you are making you beer; we know the importance of providing our customers with a high quality, consistent product.

Below are the current varieties we have planted at our farm, with 17 acres currently in production and more being planted next year. Our hops are available for purchase in 11lb. mylar bags that have been nitrogen flushed, and vacuum sealed, and we also have larger quantities of whole leaf product available, go to our Contact Us section to enquire about specific quantities you are interested in.


Crosman Hop Co. has evolved over the years. Our family came to British Columbia in the late 1800s, and we have made Chilliwack our home ever since. Back in the 1940s the family started dairy farming. In the 1980s we sold the dairy farm, and took a short break from farming. In the early 1990s we bought the land we are currently on and started hazelnut farming.   However, we watched Eastern Filbert Blight slowly make its way North, and when it arrived it devastated the hazelnut farms in British Columbia. We were faced with a hard decision: sell the farm or reinvent ourselves. We chose to adapt and overcome.

Looking for a new crop the ever expanding Craft Brewing industry in BC was inspiration – and from that grew the idea to grow hops. The Fraser Valley has a long heritage of growing hops. In the 1800s there were hundreds of acres of hops grown here; it was a natural transition for us. Today, three generations of our family are involved in growing, harvesting, and processing the hops. We even have a son-in-law working at a local craft brewery, learning how the products are used in the brewing process. We have been farmers for generations, and we want to continue the legacy. We see farming hops as a sustainable legacy for generations to come. We understand the importance of attention to detail and consistency that brewers are looking for.


We strive to put as much effort into growing our hops as brewers do when they are making their beer. At Crosman Hop Co. we endeavour to grow the highest quality hops that suit our specific growing conditions.


At Crosman Hop Co. we want to provide a consistent, sustainable, local product for the growing craft beer industry. We want to be seen as the reliable source of hops: a trusted source of quality hops, at the cutting edge of hop production and quality control – to set the industry standard.


As a family run company we have a strong set of family values directing our day-to-day operations.

FAMLIY – the long-term sustainability of our vision rests with passing our values down from generation to generation. We believe in making a living from the land, and we want to install the love of working the land to each successive generation.

QUALITY – we strive to adhere to a well-defined set of procedures to ensure we harvest, process, and package our product to maintain and retain the essence of the hops. We want to make sure our product help realize the brewer’s vision when they are making their beer.

INTEGRITY – having the trust of our customers is paramount. We want to conduct business in a way our customers know they can rely on us to provide what they need in a timely fashion, and with a consistency they can rely on.

FLEXIBILITY (also known as innovation) – as we are a small, but ambitious farm, we have the ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of the industry. We have a desire to provide the craft brewing industry hops that respond to their ever changing needs.


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